King, Reinsch, Prosser & Co., L.L.P. (KRP) was established in 1915 by Mr. William Guthrie. A chartered accountant from England, Mr. Guthrie founded the Firm as a result of the enactment of the Federal Income Tax Laws. Since that time, the Firm has worked with numerous organizations and businesses to provide the knowledge and technical expertise to help our clients meet challenges, capitalize on opportunities and successfully evolve in a global market.

Each of the Firm partners has specialized expertise in a specific area of financial and professional services. As a Firm client, you will have access to any of these resources when necessary to assure that you are receiving the most up-to-date and accurate information pertinent to your situation. The lead partner on your account will also oversee a team of highly trained accountants and support staff to assure you of timely and quality customer service.


The mission of KRP is to provide individual and business clients with the highest quality service in accounting, auditing, tax, investment and financial services. We provide our services with a primary focus on our client's welfare, profitability and success. We strive to accomplish our mission by:

  • Continually evaluating our client's circumstances for potential challenges and opportunities
  • Providing our clients with timely and accurate information to meet any challenges or opportunities
  • Supporting our client's efforts to overcome any challenges and capture any opportunities
  • Encouraging and supporting Firm staff to take an active role in serving their communities