Income tax planning and preparation is a core service of KRP. At KRP it is our goal to be a valuable resource to our clients, not just during "tax season" but throughout the year as business or investment activities occur and changing regulations provide opportunities and challenges to profitability. KRP can assist you with a variety of strategies, including tax deferred real estate transfers, income shifting to minimize tax liability, capital gains analysis, income splitting, deduction shifting and tax-free investment vehicle exploration, among others.

KRP principals have even consulted with state governments to address errors in state tax forms or regulations and changes have been made based on our recommendations. Our principals have also been involved in successful civil court cases where interpretation of specific tax regulations has resulted in substantial judgments for our clients.

Tax preparation services then follow effective tax strategy and planning. Tax preparation services include a variety of tax returns and appropriate documentation including:

Estate Tax
Gift Tax
IRS Representation
Pension Fund